Our History


Our Origins

Godís Green Acre Ranch was founded in May of 1962 largely through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. William Carmack, who wanted to create an organization for Senior Girl Scouts to ride and learn about horses.† The first Godís Green Acre Ranch, as named by the original girl members, was located on a one acre site owned by the Rev. and Mrs. George Duckworth near Pacific, Missouri.† Shortly afterward, the ranch was moved to a larger property owed by the Simpson Sand and Gravel Company near Valley Park, Missouri.† Though the property included a horse barn and riding ring, the ranch operation soon outgrew the facilities, and in June of 1964 they moved to the Rivermont Ranch property near House Springs, Missouri.† This property, leased from the Theophil Pieper family and the Gravois Land Company, included a thirty-one stall barn.† It served as the home of Godís Green Acre Ranch for over twenty years, until tragically, on the afternoon of July 20, 1987, a fire broke out and destroyed the barn.† Two horses perished in the fire, plus the girlsí tack, the tractors, and other equipment were destroyed.†


New Beginnings

The sense of loss from the fire was staggering.† When the Pieper family decided not to rebuild the barn, Godís Green Acre Association was forced to find another location.† Many felt that the Rivermont site was the heart of the organization and that nothing could replace it, while others felt that it would be impossible to raise enough money to buy new property.† They were soon proven wrong.† Heart warming letters, donations of money, and horse tack started flooding in from alumni and friends in the community.† Several Horse Clubs in the area put together a benefit horse show. †The Monsanto Company made a generous cash donation to the ranch.† Walmart and the Lutheran Brotherhood offered to match donations raised in local fundraisers.† In September 1987, Godís Green Acre Association purchased a 165 acre site in Ware, Missouri, where the ranch stands today.† Pet, Inc. donated hundreds of cookbooks that were sold for $2.00 each to help raise money for a barn.† Within seven months, sufficient funds were raised to build a new, thirty-six stall horse barn, which was named after our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Carmack.† Two years later, a shelter was completed, which included a great room, full kitchen, and two bathrooms.† Over time, the association added a sun deck onto the shelter, built two riding arenas, an isolation pen, an equipment shed, and parking area.† A hay barn is currently under construction.†


The Heart of the Ranch

For over forty years the ranch has provided a safe and affordable place for girls age 13 to 18 to ride and enjoy horses.† Several of the moms at the ranch were once members as young girls, and now their daughters are members.† The heart of Godís Green Acre Ranch is not the location or the facility, but the people who are part of it - the members, alumni, and friends in the community who help support it.† Through their hard work and the leadership of the association board, the ranch continues to be a great success.† For the typical girl, the experience may only last five or six years, but the memories are sure to last a lifetime.†††