The Log

dock    n 25.43.595 w080.13.939

04/28/2000 - 05/05/2000 Biscayne Bay, Florida

Our first experience aboard a catamaran was in Gee Gee, a 32' Gemini. Our lack of experience has now been somewhat corrected. We learned quite a bit about Catamarans and living aboard for a whole 5 days. Inspite of the uncomfortable bed and the stinky head, we really didn't want to leave. Gee Gee is moored at Dinner Key Marina, at the south end of Miami. After about 2 hours of instruction from a local "captain", who managed to run into the sea wall while taking us to the gas dock, we were on our own. We managed to get the barge out of it's slip and back in again without destroying anything. We bought a cute little Garmin Etrex GPS and learned to navigate the bay using it and a nice Top Spot map. While we didn't actually go very far, we are quite happy with the progress that we have made. We went south to Cutler channel and east through the Biscayne channel (Stilt houses) to what appeared to be open water. We were getting wind gusts up to 25 knots at the end of Biscayne channel and found the water (waves, swells) to be intimidating enough to quickly turn around (at least 6 feet). Were we being overly cautious? We came back up Cape Florida channel, checked out Noname harbor. There are a lot of very nice homes and boats in the bay area. We actually used the sails several times leading up Friday's pinnace of the adventure. We started at the Bay bridge and put up both sails and covered several miles before having to pack up for the week. After the week of just learning about the boat we were really ready to start a larger adventure, but had to come home.

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