Maui, Hawaii 2007 Sunday
August 12th

The smart travelers we are, we spent the night before our flight to Maui at the Quality Inn Motel by Lambert Airport. We didn't want to take the chance of having an ice storm and not being able to make our flight. That might be a little paranoid since this trip is in August, but we learned our lesson well when we went to Cancun the first time and almost missed the plane because of an ice storm that turned into black ice.

Southwest to Las Vegas

We departed St. Louis on Southwest flight 754 at 9:05 AM and arrived in Las Vegas at 11:35.

New camera in Aerial mode

The Grand Canyon

Waiting in Las Vegas

After a very expensive lunch and a 4 hour layover, we changed planes to ATA flight 4403 departing at 3:35 PM Las Vegas time and arrived in Maui at Kahului Airport at 6:25 Maui time.

Remember the Alamo?

The flight was uneventful, but the arrival wasn't. We seemed to be the last passengers at the baggage carousal as it went round and round and finally stopped as we waited for Ellis' "big suitcase" to arrive. After filling out the "lost luggage" paperwork we proceeded to take the shuttle to Alamo to get our car. We were supposed to have a PT Cruiser convertible, or "similar vehicle". Maui Alamo seems to be a "free for all". They said "just go pick a car", so we picked a red Mustang convertible. It was supposed to be full of gas, and of course it only had a quarter tank in it. So they filled it up and washed it, we put the top down and crammed all of our luggage in it and we were off.

Maui Courtyard Cottages

Finally arrived at the Maui Courtyard Cottages in Kihei about 9:00 PM. Our studio cottage was beautiful. We had a welcome basket of goodies and a beautiful vase of flowers on our table. We were there about ten minutes when the phone rang, and guess what? The airport located our missing luggage. Explanation was that it was held up in St Louis by TSA, but we think it just didn't get on the plane. Why did I make all of those yellow pom poms for all of that matching luggage? Obviously such tactics don't work on airport personnel. So our suitcase went to Phoenix and then to Maui. We picked up the lone suitcase the next day, so that it wouldn't get lost in transit to our studio cottage.

Maui Courtyard Cottages